There are two ways to play the game.

  1. On Twitter (via hashtags).

  2. Through the WarTweets interface.

Both require you to sign up for the TrumpsWarTweets app.


Playing through the WarTweets interface:

  1. Trump’s tweets will be missiles on the map interface.

  2. Click on a missile to go to the Control Room.

  3. In the Control Room, you can:
    • shoot down missiles by responding to Trump’s tweet that launched the missile
    • view feeds of Trump’s tweets and players’ responses
    • choose targeted or real-time WarTweets
    • view the scoreboard of the most liked and retweeted intercepting tweets
    • review the game instructions
    • logout

  4. Solid missiles represent Trump’s targeted WarTweets.
    • These tweets were chosen because of their war-like posture.
    • If these missiles aren’t intercepted, they will destroy low to mid-income housing and replace it with a gilded Trump building.

  5. Hollow missiles represent Trump’s real-time tweets.
    • They will not explode on impact.
    • They do have the potential to become a targeted WarTweet.

  6. Blue missiles have already been intercepted.
    • You can always fire at blue missiles, if you deem them a continued threat, but they are neutralized in the game.

Privacy is important to us.

The TrumpsWarTweets app has limited access.

You can revoke this authorization at any time.

The TrumpsWarTweets app CAN:

  • read tweets from your timeline.*

The TrumpsWarTweets app CANNOT:

  • see your email address or password
  • post from your account
  • update your profile
  • access your direct messages

*NOTE: Reading tweets is necessary for the game to function.


If you have problems playing the game, please check:

  • Make sure that you enable pop-ups in your browser.

  • Some browser extensions may conflict with the game (i.e., ad blockers, JavaScript disablers).

  • The game may not work in Incognito Mode in Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these real tweets? Yes, the tweets in the game are all made by @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter account and are delivered by using Twitter’s API.

  • What if I see a war tweet that isn't by @realDonaldTrump? When @realDonaldTrump retweets another person’s tweet, it becomes part of his timeline, and a rocket in the game. If you find a tweet that is not authored by President Trump, it is because he retweeted it.

  • Am I really tweeting from my Twitter account? Yes.

  • So, if I tweet something in the game it will be on my Twitter timeline and be tweeted at the president? Yes. Unless you sign into the game using someone else's account or make a new account to play the game.

  • What if President Trump tweeted something that is not a threat, like Merry Christmas? This does happen on occasion. You can still shoot down the rocket by replying to it. We suggest letting him know that his tweet was an appropriate tweet for a world leader to make.

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